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Sarah O.

Things I have done/planned since learning about how amazing Dan was (sad I never knew him personally):
1. Signed up for disaster relief efforts in Nepal (will also volunteer locally)
2. Moving to another state.
3. Pursuing opportunities I never thought I would because I've always been too scared.
4. To live MY life and not look back.
5. To try to live as fearless as Dan.
Important for me so I don't regret my time on earth, since my time is not guaranteed.
To many an impact on those around me and encourage them to no longer be afraid.
To help as many people as I can with disaster relief efforts and potential career at human rights NGO.
I sent a DM on instagram. There is a picture that Dan posted with a quote from his thermos "Imagine living your life without being afraid to take a risk and explore life."
I know this quote isn't by Dan, but it hit me, right where I needed it to. I had a coffee mug custom made on etsy with this quote, but I would love to have the funds go you Dan's cause(s).
This quote has inspired my to do everything I have listed above. If it can help me, I'm sure it can help others.
Please let me know if there is anything I can do. xx
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